Study Abroad – Nagoya, Japan

2018: new year, new semester, new school, new travel experiences!

In about a week I will be travelling to Japan once again. One of the things I love about Japan is that every time I go my experiences are drastically different. The first time I was selected to participate in a 2 week cultural exchange with my university’s sister school. The second time I lived in Tokyo for 2 months as an English language teaching assistant summer intern. This time I will be studying abroad for 5 months in the city of Nagoya enrolled at Nanzan University.

I’ll be studying abroad through IES and will also be a student blogger on their platform as well. The blogs I write over there will be completely different content, so check those out HERE

So my number one reason for studying abroad is to improve my Japanese language skills. Right now I feel like my skill level is about toddler level so I can use a lot of basic phrases. Even though I’ve been to Japan before, I’ve never been able to focus strictly on developing my language skills. During my first trip, I knew zero Japanese because I wasn’t studying yet. My second time I was helping teach English, so I was surrounded by English speakers and interacting with the students in English, but I did use some super basic Japanese when I wasn’t at work.

This time language is the main focus. I’ll be taking a lot of language and culture classes and staying with a Japanese host family, so I’ll have a lot of opportunities to listen and speak.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you all!

Until next time 🙂





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